Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets 

All pets should live inside during prolonged subfreezing weather. Short haired pets should NEVER live outside; they have no insulation.  Some long haired pets (with double coats) have the ability to exist in the cold weather. They need a protected, dry, wind free environment, off the ground with clean dry bedding.
Cold weather is generally dry weather, so there should be plenty of unfrozen water available, ideally in a plastic or porcelain bowl (tongues may stick to metal!).
Proper nutrition is critical. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more calories are need in the winter for outdoor pets to enable them to generate enough body heat and energy to stay warm.  Pet parents are encouraged to talk to their veterinarian about their pets’ nutritional needs for successfully coping in cold weather.
Just as leaving your dog in a hot car in the summer is very dangerous, it is equally dangerous to leave them in a COLD car, especially if they are young, old, thin, short-haired, or have medical problems (such as coat or thyroid/adrenal problems). Do not leave your pet in the cold for any length of time.
Examine and wipe your pets’ feet after walking outside in the cold. Snow can build up, pads can be injured, and ice melt chemicals can be ingested by pets cleaning their own feet. 
Clean any spills of antifreeze if you are using it where pets reside.  Many products still contain a sweet tasting, but highly toxic chemical.
In general, monitor your pet closely in extreme cold weather, watching for shivering, decreased activity, decreased appetite, and weight loss.  When in doubt, seek guidance from your veterinarian or local animal clinic.

The Animal Haven is Temporarily Closed to the Public while We Renovate

Exciting changes are in the works at The Animal Haven! We are replacing the shelter’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system and making some other renovations at the same time.  As a result, the shelter is temporarily closed to the public until further notice. Please check this site or our facebook page regularly for information on our re-opening. Though we are closed for visitors, we are continuing to care for the animals and in need of funds, as ever, for the shelter. Donations of food or blankets can be dropped off at the facility in the box labeled for donations in front of the garage.

Thank you to all who supported The Animal Haven’s Walk-a-dog-a-thon Sunday, Oct 22!

It was a beautiful, sunny day.  A special shout out to the volunteer students from Quinnipiac University and our volunteers who brought our adoptable dogs to the event. And, to all of our sponsors. Because of all of you, just over $5,000 was raised for the shelter animals. We hope you had as much fun as we did. View our photo gallery here.

Request for contributions
abandoned dogs found

These abandoned dogs were brought to The Animal Haven to be saved. Donations are appreciated to help with their care. Make My Donation

You can search for your next companion from our list of adoptable cats and dogs on Petfinder or watch a video of our featured pet. For the most-up-to date information, please call the shelter at 203-239-2641.


6 Ways You Can Help while Our Friends Wait to be Adopted
  • Make a tax deductible donation to help cover the costs of providing food, shelter and medical care
  • Donate supplies through our Amazon Wish List or in-person at The Animal Haven. Some items include:
    • Balls (tennis balls that squeak and soccer-size balls)
    • Skinneeez toys (plush animal toy without stuffing)
  • Subscribe to The Animal Haven’s You Tube channel  for new videos featuring animals up for adoption
  • Follow The Animal Haven on Facebook and share information about adoptable pets with your friends and family
  • Subscribe to receive The Animal Haven’s e-newsletter
  • Volunteer. Opportunities include:
    • Dog walking
    • Fostering a pet in your home