Adopt a Pet

Our great pets can be found on Petfinder

Picking your new pet

The only way to know if you have that special connection with a pet is to visit us at the shelter and spend some time.  If you are interested after your visit then you will fill out an application. The application process usually takes only a few days. In the meantime all family members can visit to be sure the animal you have selected is a good fit for the entire family. If you rent or own a condo please be prepared to provide us with a copy of the pet clause in your lease or condo association bylaws, this will expedite the process.  Sending animals to their  forever homes is so important to us.

Our Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: 12 pm – 3 pm
Thursday: 4 pm – 7 pm  Saturday: 12 pm – 5 pm
Closed: Monday

Adoption rates:

• Cat- $125                                   • Kitten- $175

• Dog – $150                               • Puppy – $200

A great story we want to share

“We chose Missy, she did NOT choose us!!” Dawn & Rob Criscio wrote to tell us how Missy came to be their cat “fur ever.”

“You know when you always hear people say “you let your new pet choose you, sit back and see which animal comes to you and you’ll know who you should adopt”? Well, I’m here to tell you that if you follow that rule, you might miss out on the best pet for your family.”


Dawn & Rob lost their 2 older cats Nala and Molly of illnesses and decided to be cat-free for a while.  However, as time marched on, they saw the many cats in need of homes and decided to open their hearts and their home to another cat.  They saw Missy on Petfinder and came to Animal Haven to meet her.

“When they brought us to her cage, she hissed, swatted, growled and bit us every chance she got. She was NOT happy to have people petting her and trying to sweet talk her.
But like I said, it was time and she was beautiful. We filled out the paperwork and eagerly waited for the call the following morning to see if we were approved to adopt Missy. When the call came in on Monday morning February 17, 2014 we rushed to complete the adoption process. Missy once again bit, hissed, swatted and growled at us. I will say we were reluctant at the very least to give her a chance. I wanted her to be happy in our home, not terrified and miserable. Michelle DeRosa was great – giving us her opinion about Missy, saying that giving her a chance might be all she needs because she had been living in this cage for 4 years… FOUR YEARS???  OK, DEAL! – we will give her the chance she deserves and hope for the best. When Missy curled up in her carrier on the short drive home within minutes and napped,  I sighed in relief that maybe things would be OK. Within 3 days she was jumping up on my lap and purring every time we pet her. She rolls around to expose her belly when you go to pet her and has become a completely different kitty. She purrs constantly, plays and comes up on my lap every morning to give kisses and cuddle. She even will let new people pet her and feed her treats from their hands.  We love her and spoil her and can’t imagine not choosing her!! Don’t tell my husband I told you all this, but Missy has him wrapped around her little paws!! We look forward to every day we have with her. We plan to celebrate her 12th birthday this September and many more year after year.
The moral of the story is this: Don’t always think your new pet has to choose you, you can choose an unlikely pet and be pleasantly surprised that all they needed was a chance and extra loving no matter how old they are and no matter what their past was.”