The Animal Haven

Get Involved

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Getting involved with The Animal Haven is easy and can make you feel great!  Just a few hours a month will make a difference in the lives of the animals we are saving.


Attend an event

We hold events and fundraisers every month to generate funds for the shelter. We try to hold many events which appeal to a wide range of interests. Click here for more details.

Help by volunteering

Help around the shelter – we need help with cleaning the shelter and building and grounds maintenance. Stop by and fill out a Volunteer Application and find out how you can help. Click here  for more details.

Take charge and make a difference

If you would like to raise funds for The Animal Haven through your own pledge drive, donation program, or any other type of event send us an e-mail.

Spread the word

The Animal Haven does not pay for advertisements so we need people to tell others about the wonderful work that we do.  If you know someone looking to adopt a pet or to make a donation tell them about us!

Share your knowledge

If you know of an organization giving grants that we may be eligible for PLEASE TELL US!  Every year we are learning about more opportunities to bring in money.

Do you frequent a place that does supply drives or fundraisers such as restaurant nights?  Let us know as we are always looking for new ideas.